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Flashpoint I: The Art and Science of Culture Management in the Digital Age


Presented by

Jamie Notter, Partner, WorkXO Solutions

About this session

We all know that workplace culture can make or break digital transformation efforts, yet few associations are demonstrating an ability to proactively manage culture on an ongoing basis. In this session, culture expert Jamie Notter will break down the mystery of culture management, both in terms of the key analytics you need to make informed decisions about culture, and a clear framework for mapping out which internal changes will have the biggest impact on shifting culture.

Learning Outcomes

  • Clarify what culture is and how it works inside your organization.

  • Understand which cultural building blocks have the biggest impact on innovation and digital transformation.

  • Identify concrete strategies for shifting your culture to align it with what drives success.

Who should attend?

Leaders at all levels inside associations will benefit from this session because culture is frequently a huge obstacle in the digital transformation work inside the association, and it's going to take effort at ALL levels (not just the C-suite) to effect the culture change needed to move forward. This session has the added benefit of being applicable to the business partners as well.