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Wisdom Exchange: Future of Engagement


The way we engage with members has changed — drastically. While most member organizations have spent the past two years rushing to upgrade technologies, up-skill their staffs and keep up with members, it’s time we take a moment to consider what the future holds for engagement.

In this session featuring the voices of leaders of our industry, we will look to the future to share insights and expectations. Our speakers will share what approaches they’re seeing work — and not work — and the strategies they’re actively pursuing, or just keeping an eye on.

As the core fabric of engagement has been redefined and continues to evolve, what will the next generation of post-pandemic engagement look like? While we’ve seen real signs of face-to-face engagement returning, organizations and their leaders still must contend with demographics, business models and business imperatives reshaping how people connect, learn and excite.




10:05 AM – 10:55 AM


Summit Ballroom D-E


Butch Spyridon

President/CEO, Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp

Cathy Breden

Executive Vice President & COO, IAEE

Michelle Mason


Sherrif Karamat

President and Chief Executive Officer of PCMA

Session Overview: