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Tackle today’s most critical issues with action-based strategies, transformative technologies and an innovative community.

Aurora, CO | November 2-4, 2023


What to Expect at digitalNow

Over 2-1/2 days, you'll learn about cutting-edge tech and strategies through the industries and organizations already using them, and you'll leave with everything you need to begin experimenting, too.
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Powerful Keynotes

4 impressive speakers drive the conversation on game-changing concepts.


Industry Leaders

Hear association industry leaders describe — and dissect — the strategies that are driving their organizations forward.


In-Depth Workshops

Join a variety of workshops and breakout sessions to take serious looks at timely topics.


Unparalleled Networking

With a schedule that encourages networking and in-session collaborating, you'll connect with and learn from a diverse group of association professionals.

Featured Speakers

Impacts on data collection, privacy and the value of existing and new data

Identifying opportunities for using AI, and when to outsource vs. build in-house

What AI can and can't do (and for how long it'll stay that way)

Impacts on the labor market, and what skills will become more (and less) important

How to use AI responsibly and ethically

Blockchain: Fundamentals, Tokens, Smart Contracts, Credentialing

Opportunity for Community Identification and Development: Creator Coins, NFTs, DAOs

DeFi: Defining DeFi, its Implications and Where Cryptocurrency Fits In

Transfer of power from owned media to individuals and how that impacts the ability to reach new and existing audiences

Impacts on privacy, such as how it could be paired with AI

How to prepare your organization and your staff

What industry-wide changes could result from these new technologies?

What goals can you set for your next organization to tackle in the next year?

What is ``The One Thing`` your organization needs to focus on and work toward? And how do you get there?

2022 Content & Schedule

Artificial Intelligence

Tuesday, October 4

By no means is artificial intelligence new, but its use is being rapidly refined through an overwhelming amount of data collection.


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Wednesday, October 5

Web3 will reshape our entire online world by transferring and decentralizing power, creating new communities and financial ecosystems, redefining how we think about “trust,” and adjusting how we reach new and existing audiences.


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What is your ``one thing?``

Thursday, October 6

Learning about a new concept is one thing, but that’s no use without identifying key takeaways and, even more important, key action items. On Day 3, we’ll host a panel discussion with all of our keynote speakers to bring these ideas together, challenge each other and then help attendees identify how to answer the biggest question of all: What’s next?


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Bring Your Group to digitalNow

Why should you bring your whole team to digitalNow Virtual? You’ll unlock a tremendous amount of value for your organization for months and years to come. When you attend digitalNow with C-suite and volunteer leaders, or even extend invitations to select key members of your staff who can contribute to and benefit from the strategic conversations and technological discussions we have, you create opportunities for co-learning and organization-wide accountability. Here’s how:

Get buy-in from volunteer leaders for audacious projects or thinking through how to creatively problem-solve around funding experimentation.

Excite and engage your leadership team by learning about how technological evolutions will transform your staff capabilities — and how they’ll impact your membership.

Learn about what’s coming next and think more strategically about digital transformation. Put simply, digitalNow is how your leadership team can co-create your organization’s next chapter while you offer learning opportunities for rising leaders.

Take positive steps toward learning and making your team smarter about what is already happening and what’s coming.

If you don’t invest in learning about the future, you won’t know what’s possible. That means understanding coming business model changes and opportunities — which are critical for strategic thinking. digitalNow is how you arm yourself with strategic actionable insights.

You'll Discover

Identify immediately useful solutions for your organization because our conference is designed with input from our prestigious Advisory Group.

You’ll Connect

Engage in a community of peers thanks to our curated guest list, which ensures every partner is carefully selected and all registrations go through an approval process.

You’ll Experience

Get outside your comfort zone with thought leaders, tech and content ideas from outside the association industry.