digitalNow FAQ

What’s the difference between All Access and General Admission tickets?

Both General Admission and All Access tickets allow you access to:

All Keynote Sessions

Innovation Series Sessions

Breakout Sessions

digitalNow Virtual on October 27

But All Access tickets also include access to 4 intensive and interactive workshops led by the keynote speakers.

During these keynote sessions, you will have the unique opportunity to:

Deep Dive into complex keynote topics under the guidance of the keynote speaker themselves.

Work through problems step-by-step from a new vantage point and with the benefit of a diverse group of thinkers.

Work collaboratively alongside peers from other organizations.

This collaborative experience will provide you with a dedicated space in which you can learn, strategize, and create clear steps forward for you and your organization.

No matter what ticket you purchase, you are in for a week full of important and impactful sessions and interactive discussions, regardless of the ticket you purchase.

But if you are looking for hands-on guidance in creating forward looking strategies ready for implementation, All Access is the right ticket for you.

Don’t forget: When purchased individually, All Access tickets are non-transferable, so if you’re coming with a team, you might want to consider purchasing our Silver or Gold Group Tickets, which allow you to send the right member of your team to each keynote workshop.

Why should I bring a group to digitalNow?

We know that bringing a group of people to digitalNow — whether you’re bringing a team of three or more — represents a pretty bit commitment, from the budget for traveling with a group to the time away from the office and home. That’s why we understand it when we get asked, “What’s the value in bringing a group of people to digitalNow?” 

But the fact is, bringing a group unlocks a tremendous amount of value for your organization for months and years to come. When you attend digitalNow with C-suite and volunteer leaders, or even extend invitations to select key members of your staff who can contribute to and benefit from the strategic conversations and technological discussions we have, you create opportunities for co-learning and organization-wide accountability. Here’s how:

Get buy-in from volunteer leaders for audacious projects or thinking through how to creatively problem-solve around funding experimentation.

Excite and engage your leadership team by learning about how technological evolutions will transform your staff capabilities — and how they’ll impact your membership.

Learn about what’s coming next and think more strategically about digital transformation. Put simply, digitalNow is how your leadership team can co-create your organization’s next chapter while you offer learning opportunities for rising leaders.

Take positive steps toward learning and making your team smarter about what is already happening and what’s coming.

If you don’t invest in learning about the future, you won’t know what’s possible. That means understanding coming business model changes and opportunities — which are critical for strategic thinking. digitalNow is how you arm yourself with strategic actionable insights.

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What are the benefits of group tickets for digitalNow?

You may already know that we’ll have four keynote speakers at digitalNow in 2022, and you may already know that each keynote speaker will offer a creative, hands-on workshop during the conference exclusively for All Access ticket-holders. 

So, how do these benefits extend to our Silver and Gold Group ticket packages?

Here’s how: 

The Silver package includes 1 transferable All Access ticket, and the Gold package includes 2 transferable All Access tickets. 

Transferability is exclusive to Group ticket holders, and it allows your team on the ground in New Orleans to decide who will get the most out of each keynote workshop. In other words, Group tickets empower your team to put the right person in the right room at the right time while your team divides and conquers the full digitalNow schedule. 

Then, on Day 3, your team can gather as we all discuss what “The One Thing” is that your organization will learn about, experiment with or commit to in the coming weeks and months after digitalNow. Attending as a group means you can build excitement and accountability around tackling the goals you set in New Orleans.

Both group packages include unlimited access to digitalNow 2022 so you can share this learning experience with your entire team.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds, but tickets may be transferred to others within your organization. Please contact us at and we’ll walk you through the process.

Can you invoice my organization for registration?

Yes! Contact us at and we will prepare an invoice for your organization.

Can I bring a partner or spouse?

Yes, and we’d love to see them. Just be sure to purchase a partner pass ($99) before hand.

Where is digitalNow 2022 being held?

digitalNow 2022 will be held at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans. Reserve a room in the digitalNow room block for $259 plus tax per night.

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When should I arrive?

We recommend you plan to arrive on the evening of Monday, October 3.

For those of you that are able to join us, we will be hosting a welcome happy hour event on the evening of the 3rd.  Official programming for digitalNow begins on Tuesday, October 4 at 8:30 a.m. and is preceded by breakfast and registration starting at 7:30 a.m.

Is it possible to reserve space for my team to meet on-site?

Yes! Teams that attend with a Gold ticket can purchase an add-on allowing the to reserve a table during each General Session, and the first five teams to do so will also secure access to private meeting rooms on Day 3. Don’t have Gold Group tickets or would like time to meet earlier in the week? Contact us at

Is there a virtual option for digitalNow?

Yes! digitalNow virtual will take place on October 27th and will feature the keynote sessions, dedicated networking time, and other highlights from the in-person event. All in-person ticket holders have automatic access to the virtual event for no extra charge.

What if I can’t attend every session?

We get it – wrangling your schedule to fit in a full conference can be difficult. If you aren’t able to attend every question, we will have an eBook containing session transcripts available for purchase after the event. You can also pre-purchase this eBook when you register for the event. 

What if I have another question?

Contact us at!

What COVID protocols can I expect at digitalNow?

digitalNow will follow any local or federal mandates and guidance in place at the time of the conference.

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