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Speak at digitalNow 2022

We’re looking for association professionals to speak at digitalNow 2022. This year we’ll be focusing on these key themes: Web3, Artificial Intelligence, and applying Association Management Strategies through those lenses.

In the interest of creating a cohesive and meaningful experience for all of our attendees, please read our full content brief before applying.

Applications are due July 8, 2022.

Questions about these content focuses? Reach out to us at askthedriver@sidecarglobal.com

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Possible Subject Matters:

Blockchain: Fundamentals, Tokens, Smart Contracts, credentialing

Opportunity for community identification and development: Creator coins, NFTs, DAOs

DeFi: Defining DeFi, its implications and where cryptocurrency fits in

Transfer of power from owned media to individuals, and how that impacts the ability to reach new and existing audiences

Impacts on privacy, such as how it could be paired with AI

Artificial Intelligence

Possible Subject Matters:

Identifying opportunities for using AI, and when to outsource vs. build in-house

How AI can impact learning technologies

What AI can and can’t do (and for how long it’ll stay that way)

Impacts on the labor market, and what skills will become more (and less) important

Impacts on data collection, privacy and the value of existing and new data

Association Management Strategies

Possible Subject Matters:

Holistic approaches to funding strategic plans and organizational goals

New association value categories or product lines

Systems integration that can seamlessly weave together association tech stacks

Next Gen content management so members get what they need, when they need it

How to use new technologies responsibly and ethically, especially in the context of DEI initiatives